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English: A map of US states by life expectancy...

English: A map of US states by life expectancy from the 2008-2009 “Measure of America” report. Data is life expectancy at birth, 2005. Legend: 74.75-75.5 75.5-76.25 76.25-77 77-77.75 77.75-78.5 78.5-79.25 79.25-80 >80 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


WASHINGTON (AP) — Ninety birthdays maybe, but not 120: Americans hope to stretch out life expectancy another decade or so, but they’re ambivalent, even skeptical, about a fountain of youth.

A new poll by the Pew Research Center explores attitudes about a scientific quest: Creating treatments that one day might slow the aging process and let people live decades longer than is normal today.

Scientists already can extend the life span of certain laboratory animals — mice, worms, flies — with various techniques. They’ve also tried with monkeys, although the evidence in that species is mixed.

There’s no way to know if there ever will be some type of Methuselah pill for humans.

But with the field growing, Pew took the public’s pulse and found most Americans wouldn’t want a treatment that would let them live to 120. Fifty-six percent said no thanks — although two-thirds expect most other people would want to try such a step, said the report issued Tuesday.

Few expect such a radical idea to become reality, at least by 2050, although most of those surveyed expect other medical advances that could more gradually extend life expectancy, such as better cancer care.

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