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This health-boosting smoothie is made from a green algae supplement called Chlorella A and we’ve found out why so many celebs have gone Chlorella crazy.

This Chlorella A is big news. It’s apparently been dubbed the new Crme De La Mer in terms of saving your skin, and the best thing about it is that it doesn’t come with the celeity price tag. As well as giving your body a well-needed boost, Chlorella can help with a whole load of other ailments as well as anti-ageing too – no wonder the models have gone mad for it.

Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr, has admitted to taking the supplement to keep her body looking extra hot and healthy and if her figure is anything to go by it’s working a treat.

But what is in this supplement and why have all these celeity babes gone so smoothie crazy?

Chlorella A has got a lot going for it. First of all it’s an entirely natural product made from green algae and contains 540% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin D as well as loads of iron and B12.

We spoke to Nutritionist for Sun Chlorella, Nadia Brydon to find out more.

She says: “Smoothies which contain Chlorella may help improve overall energy, sleep, gut health and regulate bowels, boost the immune system, generally detox the body, provide large quantities of vitamins and minerals and help increase our daily intake of fruit and veg.”

But taking Chlorella A isn’t about replacing meals or trying to shed kilos fast – it’s much more about adding nutrients and balance to the body.

Other nice health-based by-effects of Chlorella A include stronger nails, more energy and a better balance of important nutrients.

The key ingredients in the Chlorella Sun supplement are Chlorophyll, which helps to produce energy and clear metabolic waste, Chlorella Growth Factor, which helps to build and repair muscle fies and calcium and magnesium – minerals required for optimum muscle function. No wonder it’s best to take this drink directly after training.

But it’s not just about the inside of your body; Chlorella A actually helps your skin look radiant too – giving you a model-worthy glow.

“Smoothies and Chlorella contain antioxidants, which help mop up free radicals which are a major cause of the aging process,” Nadia says.

But what about the all-important calorie content? Here’s a hint – it’s low.

Nadia says: “Chlorella has the unique advantage of being very low in calories (just 12 calories per 15 tablets) but very high in natural vitamins and minerals.”

“It’s very important when on a weight loss programme to ensure we consume the recommended amount of vitamins and minerals to keep healthy. By taking Chlorella as part of a weight loss programme smoothies and Sun Chlorella can help ensure we are taking all the nutrition we need to keep energy high throughout the day at the same time as improving general health.”

So if you’re planning a healthy eating diet ahead of that next holiday, taking Chlorella smoothies could be the extra boost that you need to look and feel amazing.

But now that you know Rosie, Miranda and Millie’s secret don’t go too overboard with the smoothies, Nadia says if you want to have a bit of a detox then take it slow.

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