Controversial! A REAL Nu Skin ageLOC Product Review

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Scam or breakthrough science?

I’m sure you’ve seen it before. You think you are reading an objective third party review of NuSkin ageLOC(TM) products. After a few paragraphs, you find that this “product review” is nothing more than a sales pitch from a Nu Skin agent.

As a pharmacist, I was fascinated with the claims of ageLOC(TM) science that targets the “Youth Gene Clusters” and returns youthful skin and collagen growth. For all the claims about advanced science, I was really frustrated at how elusive some common facts were on their website.

But finally, I found it! Hidden in the bowels of the website was a reference to a scientific presentation about the ingredient behind the slogan.

The ageLOC(TM) technology that supposedly targets “youth gene clusters” is nothing more than a well known aspirin-like compound called Salicin. It is an extract from willow bark that has been around for ages. It was used by physicians and apothecaries for centuries to alleviate anything from headaches, lower back pain, and menstrual cramps.

“So are you saying that the proprietary ageLOC(TM) technology is just an old apothecary extract called Salicin?” Yep! Although other ingredients are present in ageLOC(TM) products, Salicin is the main ingredient cited in their clinical trials.

So we need to ask ourselves, does the following ageLOC description from their website seem to be an accurate portrayal of the ingredient or an overstatement?

“ageLOC(TM)–proprietary Nu Skin technology that targets arSuperMarkers, the ultimate sources of aging.”

Although many companies claim to have the secret to the fountain of youth, most of it is what I call MARKETING.

It seems likely that Salicin is similar to many other botanical ingredients that improve the quality of your skin. In all honesty, it probably does benefit the appearance of your skin to some degree. But more than likely, other ingredients in the formulation provide the most rejuvenation benefits.

About the Author: Rick Rhoads, Pharm.D. is a compounding pharmacist and creator of BioRenew Skincare. To get a free sample of advanced anti aging skin care, send us a request here!

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