Frotox: The new nerve-freezing treatment to stop wrinkles and lines

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If you’re bothered by those pesky expression lines on your forehead but aren’t ready to commit to Botox then there’s a new treatment in town that promises to prevent wrinkles without putting toxins into your system. But like many anti-ageing treatments, it’s not for the faint hearted.

Frotox is also known as Iovera and is a pioneering new way to stop ageing, developed in California. While it may sound like Botox, Frotox actually uses a very different approach to anti-ageing, concentrating on targeting nerves rather than temporarily paralysing muscle like Botox.

During the Frotox treatment the peripheral nerve tissue in the forehead is treated with extreme cold. It works by using the body’s natural response to cold to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in the forehead.

We spoke to leading practitioner, Dr. Vincent Wong, from La Maison de L’esthetique to find out what happens during the treatment, what kind of results you can expect and who is most suitable for this new beauty booster.

How does it work?VW: Frotox works by using the body’s natural response to cold – and nothing but cold – to relax muscles in the forehead and between the eyeows.The handheld device will be loaded with a nitrogen cartridge before use, and at the touch of a button, the circulation of nitrogen gas within the device creates a precise cold zone at the smart needle tip (made of closed-end needles, so nothing comes out of it). This allows precise cold to be delivered directly to the target nerves.

How are the nerves located in the forehead?VW: Nerves will be selected with the help of a TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) machine and target areas in the temples will be marked prior to the start of treatment. This will help ensure that only the target nerves are treated.

Can you talk through the science part? How it makes skin look younger?VW: Nerves treated with this technology undergo a predictable period of dormancy, followed by complete restoration of function.During the period of dormancy, the transmission of electrical messages (impulses) is reduced. Hence, muscle movements are also reduced as muscles move in direct response to impulses. When muscles are relaxed, wrinkles appear to be softened.

Can you tell us about how the treatment process works? What are the different steps?1. Consultation2. Cleanse the area3. Nerve selection (with TENS machine) and marking or treatment sites (all treatment sites are in the temple region only)4. Injection of local anaesthetics (lidocaine)5. Treatment of each marked site (average about 4 on each temple)6. Apply pressure on treatment sites and post-treatment instructions

What can you expect immediately post treatment? VW: The results for this treatment are immediate. You will find that when you try to raise your eyeows, your forehead does not move as much as it used to – you will still have some movements though.

What possible risks and side effects are there?VW: As no toxins are used, this treatment is extremely safe. Side effects are short-lived and, just like any other aesthetics procedure, include bleeding, uising and swelling.

When can you see results?VW: Results are immediately visible after the treatment.Do results improve over time? VW: No, the effects of the treatment will wear off over 3-4 months as your nerves repair.

How often should you have this treatment?VW: Every 3-4 months

How safe is it? VW: Extremely. No toxins are used, and the way nerves react to the cold shots is predictable.

Who would be a suitable candidate for Frotox? What kind of skin complaints might it be able to help with?VW: Frotox can help people who want to reduce dynamic forehead wrinkles without the use of toxins, or those who cannot have Botox due to allergies. Frotox is also an option for younger clients who want to prevent deep lines on the forehead from forming.

From what age can you start having Frotox?VW: I would say from mid-20s onwards, but this varies from person to person.

Is it dangerous to have too many treatments? Do you know the long term effects of the treatment?VW: As with all medical treatments, Iovera has undergone clinical trials for years before becoming widely available. So far, there has been no report of long-term side effects or any dangers from having the treatment.

What are the common misconceptions about Frotox?1. Nitrogen is injected into the client.2. It gives the ‘Frozen Look’.3. Nerves are not selected and cold shots are delivered at random sites with the hope that they hit the right nerves.4. Results are unpredictable and cannot be graded.5. It helps plump the skin.6. It can be used everywhere on the face.7. It is a needle-free procedure.8. Static wrinkles (lines that are present when the face is relaxed) will disappear after the treatment.9. Treatment sites are directly on the target muscles.

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