Kathryn Danzey’s Tips for Staying Younger For Longer

| May 31, 2013 | 2 Comments
 Here is a great  piece on anti ageing from Kathryn Danzey, the founder of Rejuvenated (the company responsible for the leading nutraceuticals Collagen Shots and Be Skinny Drink Me),developer of Beauty Business News, and manufacturer and supplier of the Diamond Touch Medical Grade Microdermabrasion system to the Medical and Beauty Industry.With over 37 years of experience within the beauty industry as a salon owner, trainer and more recently as brand development of product lines and beauty equipment sales, Kathryn asserts that she “believes that by sharing our passion for beauty we can change how we view the world, so that we can enjoy the unique appearance of the individual”.

Kathryn’s Tips:

1. Keep your cells hydrated! What took less than three weeks for the cells to go from formation to the surface can take over six weeks once we reach our 50′s, and as the cells take longer to get to the surface they become harder and flatter. Over time the skin becomes dehydrated and this dehydration is one of the main causes of cell ageing. Water carries oxygen to every single cell within the body, therefore it is important to get your eight glasses a day. If you struggle to drink eight glasses of water a day, try eating half a ripe cantaloupe melon or a handful of grapes and you will notice a change. It will be amazing how much more hydrated you’ll feel.

2. Stay young in your mind, one of the best things I’ve ever read was by Joanna Lumley – when asked about the fact that she did not seem to fear ageing, her simple comment was; ‘I don’t prefer the alternative.’ Go 10 years forward in your life and you will look back and think, ‘what was I worrying about, I looked really good’.  Enjoy who you are right now.

3. The skin is the largest body organ and it is also the gateway to a healthy body, so make sure to take care of every inch of your skin and not merely your face. Body brush everyday, towards the heart, to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic drainage, which will help the body to rid itself of waste. Moreover, a daily body brush can help to eliminate cellulite! Exfoliate at least once per week to slough off dead cells and stimulate new cell growth.

4. Have a good facial. Facials are a great way to relax and a good therapist will make you look revitalized and refreshed, as they stimulate lymphatic drainage and reduce puffiness.

5. Attain beauty from the inside out. The beauty industry is only just waking up to the fact that what you eat makes a difference to how you look. For years they have focussed on creams and lotions, then injectables but it makes sense that if we are using food to nutrient our body it will play a part in how effectively our cells reproduce. Healthy cells are happy cells and younger looking too.
We, at Rejuvenated, developed Collagen Shots on the basis of clinical trials done to support collagen levels in the body, the results have been fantastic and our sales have grown by word-of-mouth as customers found their skin was more hydrated and supple within a couple of weeks.

To find out more about Kathryn visit http://collagen-shots.com/, read her articles athttp://www.beautybusinessnews.com/author/kathrynbeautybusinessnews-com/, and follow her on twitterhttps://twitter.com/collagenshotshttps://twitter.com/beautybiznews

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