Look Younger: 6 Ways To Feel Like A Teenager This Summer

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Forever Young

Forever Young (Photo credit: Merixon)

No, we have no desire to be 18 again. But wouldn’t it be great to — at least sometimes — look and feel a bit more like a teenager? Oh, the energy we’d have! As we move through summer, try these six tips to help you look and feel your best. Have your own ideas? Let us know in comments.

1. Eat a July superfood.There are few months better than July for seasonal eating. All sorts of refreshing veggies and fruits are ripe for the taking. Those that are particularly good for your health are peaches, nectarines, tomatoes, corn, strawberries and watermelon.

2. Don’t drink your lemonade and iced tea through straws.Any repeated motion around the mouth — which includes sipping drinks through straws — can contribute to the creation of lines and wrinkles. People who purse their lips when talking should also try to eak the habit. This too, experts say, can cause wrinkles.

3. Discover the amazing benefits of tea.If you are trying to improve your health or shed a few pounds, you might want to take a closer look at tea. Studies show that tea can help you maintain a healthy weight. And white tea can actually make you look younger by inhibiting wrinkle production. Tea also has been shown to fight diabetes and other health concerns.

4. Take a trip to the seaside.For centuries, people have claimed that the ocean has a calming effect. And now there is research confirming that time by the sea can actually have a positive impact on your health. One reason: being by the sea may encourage physical activity.

5. Start strength training.As you grow older, you lose flexibility and strength, and your bone density and coordination decreases. So even if you have never exercised before, you should start this summer. It’s never too late. Researchers have found that regular strength training can boost your muscle strength and reduce muscular atrophy. And remember: Greater intensities of training reap greater effects than moderate and low intensities.

6. Cut back on TV.After the age of 25, every hour of TV you watch shortens your life by 21.8 minutes. Really, truly. Or so says a 2011 study by researchers in Australia. Indeed, those who watch six or more hours a day of TV apparently live 4.8 years lessthan those who don’t watch TV. In the end, watching TV may be on par with other risk factors such as obesity.

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