Michael Hogg: I Am an Age-Nostic Man

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Author, The Age-Nostic Man: The Secrets of Anti-Ageing for Men
A little more than a year ago I would have never dreamt of writing a book, let alone finish and publish one. I am sure it is no literary piece of illiance, but I think it is at least honest and revealing in what is now available to men everywhere, yet most know little about it.

It is about men and the struggle men face with the aging process, but it is not just written for men, it is written for women also. Women who bear most of the consequences of the so-called mid life crisis that effects almost all men, as they face up to the process of simply getting old.

The so-called fountain of youth is one of history’s oldest stories and human beings have been trying to find the answer to it since time immemorial.

My story is simply one of refusing to follow the path that was set out for me by society. “Grow up” is a term we all hear constantly as we grow up, until we reach our 40s and we are so grown up that we forget everything that made us get to that point. We forget the child in us and we lose our sense of adventure and we tip over into a downward spiral that has little joy and little alternative.

Today there are solutions and alternatives that can dramatically reverse and slow the aging process, many I have chosen to do myself and I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the benefits.

Some of them may be considered radical, reckless and unproven and that is exactly how life should be and I will receive criticism from many quarters for suggesting and outlining what I have chosen to do.

Hormone replacement, copious vitamins, sleep placenta injections intravenous drips etc… it all sounds a little daunting and even frightening. My story is very much about my own experiences, from a base of no knowledge at all to a point where I felt I could share what I have experienced with other men.

In the end it’s all about personal choice and that’s all I am trying to achieve by sharing my story — for my part I simply want to offer an alternative to the status quo of how we are supposed to age as men.

So why just men? Well for one thing I am one and I have experienced the downside of reaching 40 and wondering what was really ahead, clearly I didn’t like what I saw around me and decided a different path.

I have talked about my own battle with depression, addiction and life’s disappointments and hearteaks but my story I think is one of hope. I was recently interviewed by a major newspaper and was asked if I was just scared of dying. I answered by saying that I was not, but I was scared of the journey of slow decline towards that inevitable end. That I will not accept.

Today at 53, I am in better shape in every way than I ever was at 30. I see an exciting future where most men my age are only seeing problems and roadblocks. I have the energy and health now to tackle my life in my 50s as if I was still in my 20s, but I have some experience to better handle them.

Through this platform, I will outline as much as I can about my personal experiences and more importantly what is coming in the next 20 years that is going to revolutionize the aging process for all of us, not just men.

I cannot wait to try any new treatment that comes my way and there are many available right now, especially in the area of stem cell research.

I was recently described as Peter Pan and that suits me just fine because it describes how I see life today — full of new experiences, opportunities and adventures as I continue to live the Age-nostic lifestyle.

Remember: it has nothing to do about looking good, it’s simply about feeling great.

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