MitoQ: Anti-wrinkle cream that claims to REVERSE ageing discovered by accident

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By Martha De Lacey

Many medical eakthroughs – including those that unearthed Viagra, Quinine and Botox – have been made completely by accident, while scientists were searching for cures for another ailment entirely.

And it’s happened again, this time when researchers at Camidge University were looking for a cure for liver damage and accidentally created a cream they feel certain will be a powerful anti-ageing product.

MitoQ – which claims to soften the skin while lightening and actually reversing the signs of ageing – is a patented blend of unique ingredients, which scientists Mike Murphy and Rob Smith stumbled across while trying to find a cure for liver disease.

Scientists have discovered an anti-ageing cream while looking for a cure for liver damage

The pair’s work culminated in the discovery of a delivery system that floods cells with antioxidants – health-giving molecules that inhibit oxygenation of cells – straight into the mitochondria, the source of free radicals, which are responsible for ageing and tissue damage.

DrMichael Murphy explains: ‘Mitochondria are like batteries that provide the energy that all of our cells need to operate and stay healthy, including skin cells.

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‘Unfortunately this process also releases free radicals, which actually damage our cells.

‘Antioxidantsare the body’s natural defense mechanism to combat free radicals, but ageing happens because as we get older our bodies produce fewer antioxidants and can’t fight free radicals as effectively. This is what causes wrinkles and lines to appear.’

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Theteam claims: ‘This is a major scientific eakthrough that enhances ournatural antioxidant capacity restoring our cells to optimal function.’

How MitoQ works on ageing skin

The MitoQ cream, left, and Dr Mike Murphy from Camidge University, right, one of the scientists who made the discovery

Viagra was discovered while looking for angina medicine

Viagra began as a new treatment for angina, a heart condition that constricts the vessels that supply the heart with blood.

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