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RezGen5 is a small molecule that could modify sirtuin activity (sirt1 sirt2 sirt6 etc. and repair DNA.  RezGen5 is a natural compound which could activate SIRT1 & may help in the treatment or prevention of Obesity and potentially the decline in heart function & neuronal loss.

RezGen5 is defined herein as a small molecule that can induce cell cycle arrest thereby permitting greater opportunities to remove DNA damage by DNA repair, activate sirtuins and thus stimulate normal cell survival and longevity, which in turn can also result in an increased immune cell function[1].    These anti-aging  properties for RezGen5 was shown not to metabolically compete with each other, and thus provide an enhanced formulation for delivering aging protection to humans that was first  described from 1998-2000[2].     Thus, RezGen5 and its compositions are a new discovery now being offered by NeoMedigen that avoids metabolic competition, a major cause of reduced efficacy via effects on bioavailability.This new improved invention  presented by NeoMedigen relates to a combination of naturally occurring resveratrol material, carotenoid material, nicotinamide material and zinc source material as a combined treatment to aid patients in resisting cellular DNA damage by reducing oxidative cellular damage through enhancing cellular DNA repair capacity (and stimulating immune cellular function) via different modes of action; e.g. cell cycle arrest (resveratrol), oxidative radical scavenger (carotenoids), co-substrate enzymatic stimulator (NAD via nicotinamide), and also a co-factor repair enzyme activator of Poly ADP ribose polymerase (PARP) via its DNA binding zinc finger protein  domain. In another specific sense, this combination of chemicals can be used as a dietary supplementation, or as a drug treatment, to prevent (or improve an individual’s ability to resist) DNA damage, enhance DNA repair and stimulate immune function in diseases where these processes are central to the manifested disease state; e.g. ageing, cancer, cardiovascular disease and autoimmune disorders such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colitis.

The results of NeoMedigen latest research efforts are a front line effort to put forward RezGen5 as an anti-aging treatment in several forms (NutriRez, RezDerma & DermaRez) where its mode of action is optimized, to help maintain good health status without metabolic interference, involves utilizing the various modes of action of DNA Repair ingredients to build treatments for enhancing DNA repair to treat age-associated diseases.   Using the Pero research base it is possible for NeoMedigen to design DNA repair products so that they would effectively enhance DNA repair according to whatever genetic deficiencies are in the DNA repair genes of any individual.  Over recent years the number of known DNA repair enzymes has grown from 5 to 130.  This fact in itself is testimony to the importance of DNA repair to regulate individual susceptibility to age-associated diseases via their influence on lifestyle factors mediating oxidative stress metabolism.  It is the genetic defects in oxidative metabolism that can in turn regulate the cellular pool of endogenous DNA damage, which is the enzymatic substrate for the 130 genes that repair different kinds of DNA damage, and not necessarily in-born incompetence in the genes that is important.  The NeoMedigen IP has now evolved to the point that dietary nutritional factors such as RezGen5 analogs could induce GI tract microflora to produce essential amino acids (e.g. tryptophan) and nicotinamide, which in turn are essential for stimulating and carrying out DNA repair, while some other consequences are supporting good nutritious health. Most anti-aging products have mechanisms of action that address:

But rarely if ever do these products have most modes of action present and occurring simultaneously. RezGen5 through combining rehydration with non-competing lifestyle modulating ingredients have the advantage of a synergistic combination of known anti-aging mechanisms. Primary causes of everyday ill health are bodily fluctuations in water balance (hydration)[3].  27% of American adults have metabolic syndrome (i.e. disturbances in hydration), while 85% of overweight people do[4].  Your lifestyle demands you to react to your environment, and metabolic hydration, and is the gage of how you are doing[5]

Key to business of the Company is its patent pending applications 12709890 Nutritional Supplement Patent and 12391431 DNA Repair Patent, as more particularly described in Annex F (Pero, RW. Nutritional Supplement. US 2010/0215769 A1, filed Feb. 24, 2010, Publication Date Aug. 26, 2010 (RezGen5 Patent pending application) (Application no 12391431) and (Application no 12709890). [b1]

The patent applications cover RezGen5 a trademark molecule covering the 5 synergistic molecules that make up the patent applications.  Neomedigen has developed the base of its (IP) development, on formulation issues not so much on “mode of action” efficacy issues.    The hypothesis is that there are even more natural occurring molecules that can regulate the formulation responses of “mode of action” efficacy pharmaceutical drug developments than can regulate “mode of action” directly.  For example, (a) carcinogens/mutagens or anti-oxidation (b) DNA repair enhancement, (c) immune  function enhancement, (d) inhibition of inflammation, (e) neurogenic effects are all good examples of  “mode of action”  efficacious sources  for  pharmaceutical drug development.   However, recently the complexity of formulation issues (i.e. what regulates these small signal transducing efficacious agents in aging and nutrition), that are even much greater in numbers because of their importance to regulating the environments of the aging and nutritional factor- based growth processes.   Moreover, the most effective formulation molecules generally occur in our diet affecting aging, and generally occur more abundantly and at higher doses because they are being consumed daily.  Hence, they are safer and user friendly for patients to use as medicines.  It is also of interest to note that dietary components are easier to regulate and less restricted in their development than are pharmaceutical components

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