Yoga for eternal youth – here is how to get started!

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Every woman, regardless of age, culture or financial level wishes to look and feel desirable. In fact, it is a right that every woman is deemed to be deserving of! However, the daily troubles of life can really make one exhausted and thereby either snatch away the natural radiance in one’s complexion or reduce lustre in one’s tresses.

Hence, the beauty industry is bountiful in terms of providing the general public with a plethora of solutions; from lotions to gadgets for the prime purpose of heightening the beauty factor in womens’ appearances. This makes anyone ponder as to what shall prove to be appropriate enough for utilization with regards to potency and cost, as the options are absolutely endless!

Enter the age-old physical art of yoga, and how it’s radically unique concepts of sustainable and harmless exercises (referred to as aasans) has helped to transform the lives of one and all in every nook and cranny of the world! Sounds good? Great, for here are some tips and tricks, all in a nutshell for the yoga novice of today; read on to know more!

How can regular sessions of performing yoga lead to a more beautiful me?

Since yoga incorporates a series of relaxing aasans and breathing exercises, routine sessions if ever performed under the supervision of a professional yogi can greatly benefit you in terms of vanity, as:

1) Yoga assists your system to rid itself of waste products and other toxins,

2) It creates a pattern for all your organs to function precisely in synchronization with each other, thereby achieving regular secretions of hormones (the prime cause of a number of skin and hair ailments – from blemishes to hair fall),

3) It helps to reduce and therefore completely alleviate stress, which then leads to a more calmer, happier you,

4) Aids in the smooth and seamless functioning of the digestive system, as poor assimilation of nutrients into the bloodstream could lead to health and beauty-related complications.

What other changes are required in my lifestyle to achieve optimum Ayurveda-oriented results, along with yoga aasans?

A number of slight and simple changes corresponding to the effectiveness of the aasans involved in yoga are mandatory, such as:

1) Diet and nutrition: the fundamental principle of dietetics that should by abided is the fact that an authentic yoga regimen strictly requires eating and drinking solely for the purpose of health, and never taste. Switching to more healthier eating/drinking options such as fresh fruits, veggies, nuts and lean meats along with the complete eradication of rich and processed consumables is most widely recommended.

2) A consistent circadian rhythm: Resorting to bed and waking up at the same times each day (a rational set of timings such as ‘10 PM to 6 PM’ or ’11 PM to 7 PM’ is most ideally preferred) in order to maintain your biological clock functioning in just the right way. Being up till late hours is not recommended.

3) Get rid of other bad habits: Refraining from alcohol consumption, smoking and drugs is an important point of focus that needs to be emphasized on as well.




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